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University of Minnesota
Apr. 24 2010  
eduLogon is now open-source under the GNU GPL!
Feb. 27 2009  
Release v1.1: Fixes "checking network..." hang, adds compatibility with UM-Twin Cities.
Jan. 21 2009  
Bugfix release v1.0.3308: fixes crash on resume from system sleep
Jan. 8 2009    

What is eduLogon?
UMD requires students to go through a logon website when they turn on their laptops and connect to campus wireless. eduLogon is a small program for your Windows computer that logs you on automatically.

Why use eduLogon?
eduLogon gets you online right away when you connect to campus wireless - never see the log on page again.

How does eduLogon work?
eduLogon securely saves your university username and password, and automatically logs you on when it detects network authentication is necessary.

Try it out for free
See the convenience of eduLogon for yourself! Click here to get it for your Windows computer now.

* I have created this software independently from, and without the endorsement of those universities that the software is compatible with.
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