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eduLogon Frequently Asked Questions

Will my University be O.K. with me using eduLogon?

While eduLogon is not affiliated with or endorsed by the University or ITSS, UMD ITSS is aware of eduLogon and has posed no objections to its use on the UMD network.

Under the hood, eduLogon functions in the same way as the web browser you already use to log on to your campus network. It works with the mechanisms your University has put in place for authentication, and it is not possible to use eduLogon to circumvent network security measures your school has set up. For these reasons, your university should have no objections to your use of eduLogon. If you have additional questions about this, you should contact your University's IT department. (See also the question on security.)

What if my laptop gets stolen? Would eduLogon allow the thief to view my online data?

No. It is necessary to separately log in to services such as email, academic records, and network file shares that contain your private information. eduLogon does not authenticate with these services, and does not provide any means for a thief to learn your password to log in to them manually. The security/privacy risks of using eduLogon are essentially equivalent to choosing to save your username and password in your web browser. Regardless, if your laptop is stolen, it is sound security advice to change your passwords.

This is the cheapest program I've ever bought. Why are you selling it for so little?

eduLogon is created by a student at the University of Minnesota. I am not a corporation trying to maximize profit margins. I have set the price low because I want as many people as possible be able to enjoy the convenience of eduLogon.

Does eduLogon contain adware, spyware, or anything else nasty?


What are the system requirements?

eduLogon is for Windows XP and Windows Vista. It is also dependent upon the .net framework version 2.0, and Windows' Network Location Awareness service. Almost all Windows XP & Vista computers have these things. 64-bit editions of Windows are not officially supported but may function, try before you buy.

Is eduLogon secure?

I have taken extensive effort to make eduLogon secure. eduLogon employs four primary security features:
  1. eduLogon encrypts your password in a way that makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to decipher. This prevents attackers from learning your password by writing malicous code or physically stealing your computer.
  2. When logging on, the address to which your password is transmitted must be digitally signed by me. This prevents attackers from causing eduLogon to send your password to their own server.
  3. Your password is transmitted in an encrypted form, and the ssl certificate of the server is verified. This prevents attackers from intercepting your password as it travels over the network.
  4. Circumvention of these security features by hackers has been rendered infeasible through extensive code protection by CodeWall Technologies.
Additionally, I will continue to maintain the eduLogon software, releasing updates as necessary to keep it as secure as possible. Updates are free to users that have purchased previous versions.

Why not open-source eduLogon?

I am hoping to make money off of all my work. In the event that eduLogon proves to be unprofitable, I would consider whether open-sourcing might breathe more life into the project.

Are you planning to support additional platforms?

We'll see what the response to the Windows version is. If the concept gets popular enough, major mobile platforms would probably be the next that I'd target, due to the increased annoyance factor on these devices when navigating around to log on. I probably wouldn't be averse to partnering with another developer either, if anyone wants to share the name/site/advertising and write a version for their favorite platform, provided that it meets certain security and quality standards.

Still have questions? I'd be happy to answer them. See the contact page to reach me.


I have created this software independently from, and without the endorsement of those universities the software is compatible with.
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